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After all those jokes about butt cancer, Cheat really did break his pelvis. Site updates (from me) will be limited in the next two days as I'm loaded up on drugs and between doctors appointments. The good news is, the content on the site was stellar this week. And now that I'll spend much of the next month, and perhaps a large chunk of the summer, stuck in Mom's basement, I should have nothing better to do than write and masturbate. So expect to see this site to return to full strength soon.

In Which We Get Excited About The Impending Season


Opening day is only 15 hours away for the White Sox. South Side Sox can barely contain their excitement.

The Cheat Takes a Sabbatical


I haven't really posted anything since Thursday or Friday, and tomorrow afternoon I'm leaving town for 10 days -- will be without internet and such for most of it. So it looks like I'll be on a 2 week + hiatus. Good news is the Sox normally go on a roll when I'm gone. And I'm not so close to the trade deadline this year. Bad news is you guys gotta handle the recaps and such on your own.

The FanPost Editor Gets Twitter, Better - Blog Huddle


This morning we released some new features, all of them designed to help you share what you have to say about your favorite sport and team. Here is the rundown: Share on Twitter When you publish a FanPost or FanShot let your friends (or followers as they're called) know via Twitter. We've built an easy tool into the FanPost and FanShot editors that automatically creates a short URL back to your post and lets you send that to your Twitter stream along with a quick message. You can set this all up from your account settings screen, or right within the FanPost and FanShot editors. See more detailed instructions below. Redesigned FanPost Editor We've made a few changes to the layout and features of the FanPost editor: 1) Bigger textarea - 2) Spellchecker - 3) Draggable jump bar - 4) Sidebar inserts palette - 5) Easy status + save - 6) Autotagger -

Meeting of the Minds


The story of one blogger's journey into the lion's den of suite 242 as an invited guest of the White Sox.

Newspapers are dying, and baseball fans are suffering


Another great service beat writers provide fans is humanizing the players, telling us about their personalities and their backstories. They make the players more than simply numbers on the field. Could bloggers provide the same information if given proper access? Yes, certainly. But the more important question is whether they could afford the financial demands of daily access. It would be challenging enough for bloggers just to carve out the necessary eight-hour time slot to use that access at home games. Could they also pay the staggering lodging, travel and food expenses for 81 road games plus spring training?


South Side Sox, 20 years ago

With the web turning 20 a few days ago, I wondered what SOUTH SIDE SOX would look like, say if technology was the same now as when the www was in it's infancy.

Guess Who Wants a Link?


Hello, As I was surfing around google , I discovered your website: http://www.southsidesox.com I am trying to add as many informative websites as possible to my site. Which in turn will benefit my users as well as provide you with relevant traffic to your site. I have a website that just started but has 1,000 - 1,500 people on it per day who fit the same demographic as your site. If you follow this link, [REDACTED] you will see that I put your link on my homepage. Some website owners do not like when other sites link to them so I thought I might ask for your review. Please get back to me when you have a chance, to let me know if the link I have placed suits your needs. Also if you would like a custom Title for it just send me a email and I will get it updated. Have a good week, Elizabeth Hall


Making South Side Sox Better: A Guide to Better Posting

We've been on the new platform for about 11 months now, and while most of us have settled in, specifically to the great commenting system, others lag behind. This post is meant to be a guide to new...


Twitter and Facebook

So lately there has been a lot of behinds-the-scenes talk at SB*Nation (read: clutter in my email) about how to use these two services to bring more exposure to the blog and better connect with...

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