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Donny Lucy has risen!


Welcome to the first congregation of the Church of Donny.  At South Side Sox, we realize that there are many of you out there who still have not accepted Donny as your (and the White Sox') savior. ...

Your Savior Update


Update on Gordon Beckham and his offseason workouts.

Q&A: Beckham breaks down the holidays


MLB.com: Let's continue with one of our holiday traditions, in which you pick out gifts for other teammates or members of the White Sox organization. What would you get for catcher A.J. Pierzynski? Beckham: I would give him a muzzle, for reasons undisclosed. MLB.com: How about manager Ozzie Guillen? Beckham: That's a tough one. I would give Ozzie some English-speaking lessons, really some enunciation lessons. I would buy them online, at some Web site. ... MLB.com: And the last question serves as our traditional ending. Please spell Chanukah. Beckham: OK. It's H-A-N-A-U-K-U-H.

Gordon Beckham Named Sporting News AL Rookie of the Year


White Sox third baseman Gordon Beckham was named The Sporting News' 2009 American League rookie of the year. The honor has special significance, since a panel of 338 major league players selected the winners. Philadelphia pitcher J.A. Happ won the National League's rookie honors. Beckham batted .270 with 28 doubles, 14 home runs and 63 RBIs despite not being promoted to the Sox until June 4. Beckham played in 103 games for the Sox and made the adjustment to third base despite playing shortstop for his entire baseball career. The Baseball Writers Association of America will announce its rookie of the year and other awards next month after the conclusion of the World Series.

Photo of the Day


"I kind of saw it [his first salmon fishing experience] differently because when you think of salmon your first thought is a river or stream, so it was a very interesting [out on Puget Sound],"...

Savior to Re-Ascend Wednesday


Merkin: "Beckham officially has a right oblique injury. Should be back Wednesday night."

Our Savior


Gordon is okay.

Gordon Beckham Will Be Fine, Thank You


Gordon Beckham will hit, I swear

The Savior Has Arrived: Beckham Called Up


Top White Sox Prospect Gordon Beckham called up.

This Week in White Sox Minor League Baseball


This Week in White Sox Minor League Baseball.

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