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Who's right in the Boras-Reinsdorf flap?


Scott Boras and Jerry Reinsdorf are both dealing in the facts in their dispute, but they seem to be talking about two completely different time periods.

Report: White Sox Finally Planning Failed Bid For Above-Replacement-Level DH


The Johnny Damon Sweepstakes appeared to be nearing the finish line Thursday, as Damon tries to choose from several offers far less than the two-year, $20 million deal he and agent Scott Boras have been seeking. Two sources told ESPN.com that the Detroit Tigers have made the largest offer, amid speculation around the industry that that bid is in the range of one year, $7 million. There were indications the sides were still discussing a possible two-year deal. But even the Tigers' one-year offer appears to be the biggest offer on the table. The Atlanta Braves and Tampa Bay Rays have also remained in the bidding, with both teams talking about one-year contracts for fewer total dollars than the Tigers' offer. MLB.com reported that the Braves' offer was for less than $4 million. A source indicated the Chicago White Sox also have expressed late interest.

Crede agrees to deal with Twins


Joe Crede was a fan favorite among White Sox fans for 6 1/2 seasons. Now he will be playing for one of the Sox's biggest enemies. Crede, 30, agreed to terms Friday night with the Minnesota Twins, according to a major-league source. edit by larry 2/21 at 11:15am: The Twins will sign Crede to one-year deal with a base salary of $2.5 million with the chance to earn $7 million in appearance bonuses. The bonuses begin once Crede reaches 250 plate appearances and tops out at $7 million when he makes his 525th plate appearance. Star Trib

Jon Heyman, Scott Boras' Go-To Guy


If you're wondering how [Jon] Heyman got wind of the [Varitek signing] before any of the Boston beat writers or columnists, be aware that he had Mark Teixeira going to the Yankees before anyone else and, according to his biography, also "broke the story of Barry Bonds going to the Giants in 1992...Alex Rodriguez going to the Yankees in 2004, A-Rod opting out of his $252-million contract in 2007 and Manny Ramirez going to the Dodgers in 2008." Varitek. Teixeira. Manny. A-Rod 2x. Bonds, vintage 1992. Do you notice anything in common? Yes, all of these players are or were represented by Boras at the time of their signings. It is plainly obvious that Heyman, known among fellow writers as scottboras.com, is getting fed such stories by Scott himself, which is fine and dandy except there is more going on here than meets the eye.

Joe Crede is DONE with the White Sox


The placard above Joe Crede's locker no longer reads "Joe Crede." In fact, there isn't a placard above Joe Crede's locker these days. The space is blank - as empty as the locker itself. Crede's belongings have been removed from the locker. The Sox aren't talking, but word is the organization, sick of the way Scott Boras seems to have his hand in Crede's drawn-out rehab - some believe he would rather see his client sit than have him risk another injury - has severed ties. Crede is scheduled to get another "second opinion" on his back later this week.


The Curious Case of Pedro Alvarez

Pedro Alvarez, the number two overall pick in June's draft and the subject of this very website's sub-heading at this time last year, has been placed on the restricted list in a bizarre scenario....

Danks Brothers Ditch Boras


The White Sox just completed their 4th perfect homestand in team history--Did I hear that right?--about which I'm sure I'll write at some point before I call it a night, but for right now I'd like...

Danks' Brothers Drop Boras


John and Jordan Danks have switched representatives, two sources confirmed.

Unlike A-Rod, Crede sticking with Boras in contract negotiations


Crede also said that, unlike A-Rod -- who is in town with the New York Yankees starting today -- he has no plans to stray from Boras' advice and try to negotiate a deal himself to stay with the team he claims his heart is with. ... Crede, who is on a one-year contract, said Sunday he has had no second thoughts about Boras representing him or the path that his advice might take him during the 2008 season. ''That was their own personal business, their decision,'' Crede said of Rodriguez and Rogers. ''That had nothing to do with my business and my relationship with [Boras]. That's not something I even looked into. Just because they chose to jump off a cliff doesn't mean I'm jumping off that cliff.'' ... ''[Rodriguez's] situation was totally different. He's one of the greatest players ever to play the game. His situation is night-and-day to mine. It would be hard to relate to someone like that with my situation, even though we have the same representation.''

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