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Statistical Prospect Evaluation Primer: Part 3: Pitchers


In part 3 of our Statistical Prospect Evaluation Project we examine how the Twins have built a an assembly line of pitching prospects.

Statistical Prospect Evaluation Primer: Part 2: Hitters


In part 2 of our Statistical Prospect Evaluation Primer, we take a look at hitters, specifically Josh Fields.

Statistical Prospect Evaluation Primer: Part 1, Context


Evaluating prospects based on their minor league stats can be a bear if you don't know what to look for. This guide will help.

Dayan Viciedo Impresses Alexei, Scout


[Alexei] Ramirez has taken Viciedo under his wing in the Miami area by working out with him and showing him how to acclimate to a new country and language in the manner similar to that of Sox pitcher and fellow Cuban Jose Contreras. According to those who have seen him lately, the forecast is encouraging. "He's very good," Ramirez said. "He's very strong." [...] "He has more hitting ability than Alexei," the AL scout said. "But he has to make adjustments. I see some ways to get him out. Alexei is a great athlete who is very smart and can adjust. The Sox were right on with Alexei, but I want to see if Viciedo can do more than hit over an extended period."

THT: Breaking Down the Draft: Jordan Danks


When you look at Danks as a whole: the length, the projection, the speed, the defense, the plate discipline, the power potential, and the propensity to strike out--one player that comes to mind is Rockies center fielder Dexter Fowler. The difference is that Fowler has officially broken out and has turned potential power into actual power production. Fowler's overall swing looks better and he's a better runner, but much of the same tools possessed by Fowler are also possessed by Danks. However, even if Fowler didn't develop any power, he would still make for a pretty good ball player because of the others things he brings to the table, specifically his defense and patience at the plate. So while the hope is that Danks will at some point develop power, he doesn't necessarily need it to be good ball player at the professional level.

Skimming now a federal case for baseball - Los Angeles Times

An article on the shady goings on the DR, including the following nuggets: Several baseball sources, all of whom said their jobs would be jeopardized if they spoke on the record about a federal investigation, say at least one general manager has already come under suspicion. One National League executive, who insisted on anonymity, said he offered a $60,000 bonus to a prospect a couple of years ago only to have the buscon demand 10 times that much. Three months later, the executive said, the player signed with another team for more than $1.5 million." "You think in three months a guy can improve by $1 million?" he said. "Something funny must have happened there. It's not only the buscones. The first case was the Chicago White Sox. And you will see in the future, other names are going to be coming out.

Cowley Twitters: Dave Wilder Fired


White Sox announce that Sr. Director of Player Personnel, Dave Wilder, has been fired, and is being investigated by MLB for scouting practices in Latin America.



Found this link on Gleeman's site. Could be an add to my RSS reader. This is the kinda stuff I like to think about.

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