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The Brilliance of "Long Live The Note"

Why is it important that the Blues are looking backwards while looking forwards? Civic pride, of course.

Team History Tuesday: Marching on Together

Gary McAllister's appointment as Leeds manager has me in a strange mood. If Leeds were England, I'd feel patriotic. They're not, though, so here's a (late) Team History Tuesday on one of the...

Leeds Offside's Lunchtime Links: January 30th

Gary McAllister is the new manager of Leeds United! Fans the world over rejoice. I sit back with an apprehensive expression on my face and think, "but he's never actually accomplished anything as a...

Leeds sue the Football League: More info

More details about the Leeds Lawsuit were in the Post today. The details themselves aren't that interesting to non-Leeds fans: Leeds allege that they were compelled to enter a CVA that knew would...

Molegate Update: Shaun Derry innocent. No new suspects.

Molegate - the biggest scandal to hit Leeds United since ... come to think of it, Molegate pales in comparison to about 17 recent Leeds United-related scandals, despite being the only one with...

Maybe he's just unlucky: Ridsdale's Cardiff City on brink of bankruptcy

And Ridsdale's in the brown stuff again. I think the headline says it all.

Team-History Tuesday: Tony Yeboah

For the next few weeks, I'm going to take a look at some of the best players ever to don the legendary white jersey. Don't expect an objective best-ever list - my selection will be determined by...

Peter Ridsdale: "I did get you a competent manager, honest"

Peter Ridsdale - that beloved chap - has alleged that Aston Villa manager Martin O'Neill signed a pre-contract to join Leeds shortly before Ridsdale left the club. Because, y'know, Martin O'Neill...

Peter Ridsdale: You're being smeared, sir? Really?

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the bookshop, Peter Ridsdale has seen fit to grace us with a belated explanation of what went wrong at Leeds under his Chairmanship. Hey, I wonder...

Screw Brighton, here's Yeboah

I'm not letting on quite how upset I am to be eagerly awaiting a match in bloody League One against bloody Brighton in a stadium that can hold fewer people than my bleeding high school football...

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