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Mark Teahen Should Not Be An Option At 3B For White Sox


Mark Teahen is bad at third base, yet he keeps getting starts there. This time it costs the White Sox big in a loss to the Tigers

Crede agrees to deal with Twins


Joe Crede was a fan favorite among White Sox fans for 6 1/2 seasons. Now he will be playing for one of the Sox's biggest enemies. Crede, 30, agreed to terms Friday night with the Minnesota Twins, according to a major-league source. edit by larry 2/21 at 11:15am: The Twins will sign Crede to one-year deal with a base salary of $2.5 million with the chance to earn $7 million in appearance bonuses. The bonuses begin once Crede reaches 250 plate appearances and tops out at $7 million when he makes his 525th plate appearance. Star Trib

Josh Fields Community Projection


Josh Fields was once considered the White Sox 3B of the future. Can he restore his position now that they've brought in significant competition.

Dayan Viciedo Impresses Alexei, Scout


[Alexei] Ramirez has taken Viciedo under his wing in the Miami area by working out with him and showing him how to acclimate to a new country and language in the manner similar to that of Sox pitcher and fellow Cuban Jose Contreras. According to those who have seen him lately, the forecast is encouraging. "He's very good," Ramirez said. "He's very strong." [...] "He has more hitting ability than Alexei," the AL scout said. "But he has to make adjustments. I see some ways to get him out. Alexei is a great athlete who is very smart and can adjust. The Sox were right on with Alexei, but I want to see if Viciedo can do more than hit over an extended period."

Cora on Josh Fields: You'll be shocked


Camp Cora has been up and running throughout the winter, and the early progress reports have Josh Fields emerging as a leading candidate to "shock" the organization when he reports to spring camp in just over three weeks. The third baseman was criticized by Ozzie Guillen last season for what the White Sox manager felt were diminishing skills as the year went on, so after a clean-up surgery on his knee in the fall, Fields opted to make a trip to Florida recently and work with Guillen and bench coach Joey Cora in preparation for taking over for free agent Joe Crede. His goal? To make sure Guillen can’t criticize him — specifically his defense — any longer. "I talked to Joey [on Monday] and he said [Fields is] moving better by far than he’s ever moved," hitting coach Greg Walker said. "[Cora] said we’ll be shocked.

Mariners tab Zduriencik as new GM

Zduriencik, who I suggest we should just call Zdude, is largely credited with building the strong farm system that got the Brewers to the playoffs on the strength of good scouting and drafting. The hiring probably kills what limited hope there was around here for an Adrian Beltre acquisition, as he'll be looking for impact young players--we aren't giving up Poreda/Beckham--or holding off to rebuild through the draft.

Reporting From.... Knight's Stadium (Fort Mill, SC)

Josh Fields, 2-for-5 with 2 RBI's and an error, subscibes to the same shut-up-and-play plan. "Of course I wasn't happy about being back here at first. But it is what it is. It would be different if I'd lost out to another young guy. But Joe Crede has a Silver Slugger and is pretty much defined as an annual Gold Glove winner. So all I know to do is work on my defense, hit the ball, and not give them excuse to keep me down here." Or at least give them an excuse to trade Crede, which the Sox claim they tried to do during the spring. "It's all business,"Fields says. "It's no fun for anybody when it's like this."

Joe Crede collects 2 hits, likely White Sox opening day 3B


The Tribune's headline says it all. Meanwhile, Joe Cowley basically confirms what we speculated yesterday.

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