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Japanese team could replace White Sox in TEP


A Japanese team might replace the Chicago White Sox at Tucson Electric Park, Pima County Sports and Tourism Authority officials said earlier today. The county has received a proposal from Massachusetts-based The Baseline Group to fill the White Sox spring training facility with a professional Japanese team. The unnamed squad would play 13 or 15 Cactus League games, perhaps as early as 2010. "They would play a schedule just like any other Cactus League team," said Tom

How Much Does It Cost To Escape Tucson?


Reading the tea leaves -- or the bar napkins, as it so happens -- It appears the White Sox are moving their spring training home from Tucson to Glendale, AZ effective this spring.

Tucson Area Officials: White Sox should fund more youth sports fields

I don't have any idea how these "elected officials serving the city of Tucson and Pima County" figure in the final decision making process regarding TEP, the White Sox and their desire to leave for Glendale, but this editorial provides a counterpoint to the rah-rah piece we saw last week which almost seemed as if it was commissioned by the White Sox.

White Sox Business of Baseball Links


Scott Merkin writes a piece on the spring training move to Glendale which is surprisingly more well rounded than the editorial that I posted last week in the comments. Mayor Daley wants to...

White Sox likely playing last home game at TEP today


Ten years and one month ago — to the day — 11,298 fans filled Tucson Electric Park. It was our big-league coming-out party. The Chicago White Sox, fresh off the moving truck from Sarasota, Fla., played the first-year Arizona Diamondbacks on an unseasonably cold night. Ticket scalpers sold $14 seats for $50. TEP was praised as a $37 million, state-of-the-art baseball jewel, something Tucson could take pride in. That was only 10 years ago. In baseball terms, it might as well be 100.

White Sox pitch youth tourney to exit Pima County contract | www.tucsoncitizen.com ®


Unable to find a team to take over their current lease at TEP, Jerry is throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. One thing has, at least temporarily, had some staying power; a year-round, nationally sanctioned youth baseball tournament.

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