White Sox Business

Right on Q: Putting attendance in perspective

The White Sox are playing in an empty ballpark. But they are not alone.

Sale section the best of White Sox's new offerings

You don't need meat-on-a-stick to show up to U.S. Cellular Field this season

Right on Q: The Frozen Grass of Home

Roger Bossard works to fix a baseball field that was ravaged by the Polar Vortex.

Right on Q: Selling the Sox

A look at the recent history of White Sox advertising.

A/V Room: 'Inside Look' with Don Cooper; first ad

Pitching coach lets it fly in half-hour feature, while the marketing campaign plays it safe

Stone: More sabermetrics coming to broadcasts

Analyst says booth will try to explain advanced statistics a year after Hawk Harrelson introduced "TWTW" to the world

Phillies tread same path as White Sox

The Phillies reported to the NCAA that two of their unsigned 2013 draftees violated the "no agent" rule. The White Sox did the same thing more than 20 years ago. What effect did it have on later drafts?

MLB owners to eliminate pensions for non-players

Despite opposition from White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, MLB owners voted to slash or eliminate defined benefit pension plans for non-uniformed personnel.

Spring training ticket prices sneakily on the rise

All weekend games carry premier pricing, Cubs or not

Jerry Reinsdorf offers clues about 2014 payroll

Chairman says front office is "well below the budget number" given for next season


Right on Q: Analyzing White Sox attendance

The White Sox were a dud on the field; but attendance could have been much worse.

Terrerobytes: Attendance problem easy to diagnose

Plus: Jeff Keppinger talks about his shoulder, Hawk Harrelson is eligible for the Frick Award, and Philip Humber's misfortune continues

White Sox, black comedy

Taking a moment to thank everybody except for most of the people who played the games

Terrerobytes: A genuine broadcast highlight

Plus: Carlos Gomez upsets the Atlanta Braves, Chris Sale is his own worst hype man, and Jose Abreu showcases are in store

Terrerobytes: Recalibrating the aim of broadcasts

Plus: Marcus Semien's brush with greatness, Josh Phegley has a lot on his plate, and Chris Sale is a bag of something

It's all about the money

The Sox got their third top 20 prospect out of the trading season, but the extra $10 million for this season and $27 million for next year might be the most valuable prospect of all.

The return of Thome is more interesting than usual

Usually negligible to the public until proven otherwise, the "special assistant" role has been redefined after Robin Ventura's ascendancy

Terrerobytes: DJ's rant wasn't bad, either

Plus: Alexei Ramirez doesn't delve into troubles, and Jake Peavy and Paul Konerko are sore

Bad baseball allows Hawk to make his mark

Dropped pop-up jeopardizes the game and broadcaster's health, but fans will remember it

Right on Q: Analyzing White Sox attendance

The 2013 White Sox are ahead of last year in one important category: attendance.

Where there's a Will, there's an ad campaign

Did Hawk Harrelson take one for the team to start a meme?

Terrerobytes: Hawk down? That didn't take long

Plus: Adam Dunn thinks he knows what's wrong, and Greg Walker is still in Gordon Beckham's life

Boxing returns to White Sox park

For the first time in more than 50 years, White Sox park will host a professional boxing event on Friday August 16, 2013.


Gorge Yourself In New, Exciting Ways

A burger with hot dog toppings and taco ingredients in a Fritos bag. Oh, and classier items, too.

Reinsdorf's opposition not enough to save pensions

Baseball owners set to approve plan to abolish pension plan for non-uniformed personnel, despite the opposition of White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

On White Sox advertising and White Sox attendance

Will the newest White Sox ad campaign move the needle?

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