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Bring on Anaheim

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The White Sox will face Anahiem for the AL pennant. Game one, tomorrow night.

Update [2005-10-11 1:53:28 by The Cheat]: I was hoping for the Yanks/Angels game to go 107 innings, requiring both teams to use up their entire bullpen and force the game to be decided by batboys, but you couldn't have asked for much more than what we got.

What we got was the Angels ace, Cy Young hopeful Bartolo Colon, going down with what appeared at first to be a bad back, perhaps hindering his availability for the ALCS. As if that wasn't enough, we later learned that the bad back was actually a shoulder issue putting Colon's availability on life support. Colon's injury also forced the Angels to use their probable game 1 starter in relief, making him unavailable until the series heads back to Anaheim.

The Angels whole rotation is disarray. Lackey pitched yesterday; I've got him penciled in for game #3. Washburn is sick; I'm guessing he'll go in game #2 should he be feeling better. Game 1 appears to be a Contreras-Byrd matchup.

I wonder what kind of odds you could have gotten in April on a Contreras v. Byrd matchup for game 1 of the ALCS?

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