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Second Season: Round 2: Game 2

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The White Sox have never won a home game in the ALCS. Ouch.

Yesterday's game reminded me of the famous Al Smith picture from the '59 series; a swift slap in the face on a national stage. -- It seemed like there was far too much hype surrounding this team. Some people thought we could hit like Babe Ruth. Every media talking head was predicting a White Sox victory. It was just the set up for a great fall.

Oddsmakers are still in love with the White Sox. Mark Buehrle is a -200 favorite according to Bodog. -- I just don't get it. I still believe we can win this thing, but I can't see how we're 2:1 favorites to win tonight.

Onto the keys.

  • Execute -- Oh yeah, this one is a no-brainer now. I had it listed at the bottom of yesterday's keys, and we saw how that worked out.
  • Buehrle -- Pitch. Before his last start I said that he sometimes has the tendency to just play catch out there. After the game, AJ said pretty much the same thing. That Buehrle was a little too excited.
  • These keys are getting more and more generic as we go on, so how about this? Score more runs than them. That one's pretty simple. I guarantee that the team who scores more runs tonight will win the game.
Mark Buehrle (16-8, 3.12) vs. Jarrod Wasburn (8-8, 3.20)