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Second Season: Round 2: Game 3

In the first two games, the Sox and Angels have combined for just 3 hits with runners in scoring position. And the Angels hit traveled less than 45 feet. -- I think that battle of attrition is going to end tonight. The weather is warm in The OC, and I expect the ball to be jumping.

The Angels seem to have the better of the pitching matchup tonight, a decided home field advantage, and may have a chip on their shoulder leftover from game 2. They should also be recovered from their cross-country travels. -- It seems like the odds are stacked in their favor, but those odds were also stacked in the White Sox favor for game 1, and we know how that turned out.


  • Garland -- Stay calm. Jon makes his first ever post-season appearance. He appeared a little jumpy on the mound, though he did escape without allowing a run, during his lone national spotlight moment in the All-Star game. -- Jon grew up just down the road from the Amusement Park Team, and figures to have a large crowd on hand to cheer him on. He just needs to stay grounded. Stick with what got him here.
  • Every White Sox right handed batter -- Don't swing at Lackey's slider when it's in the opposite batter's box. Sounds simple, but I fear we could be in for a long night. His stuff matches up very well with our some of our hitter's weaknesses.
  • Score first -- The Sox played their best baseball of the year when they were running off 38 straight with a lead. Taking the crowd out of the game seemed to be effective in Boston too, though I'm sure the Theme Park will be full of inflatable phallic-shaped noisemakers and stuffed monkeys.
According to BB-Ref, Garland's most similar pitcher through age 25 is Brad Radke -- I like that comp -- Lackey's through age 26 is Pat Hentgen. These have no bearing on tonight's game, obviously, but I found them interesting nonetheless.

Jon Garland (18-10, 3.50) vs. John Lackey (14-5, 3.44)