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Second Season: Round 2: Game 4

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I've been enjoying all of the great college football games today. I was beginning to lose track of time. Game time is listed at 6:30 Chicago time, but that probably means first pitch will be at three seconds before 7.

Ervin Santana gets the start tonight for the Halos. You'll remember him from his second career start, a complete game shutout of the White Sox in May. It was also Garland's first loss of the season. Santana has either been Johan Santana-like, shutting down opponents, or a Santa-like, handing out runs as if they were gifts.

The White Sox send Freddy Garcia to the hill. He's been the Sox 4th best starter this year. He, like Santana, has been inconsistent. He can shut teams down, like in his complete game 1-hitter in Minnesota, or he can make them look like the '27 Yankees, like he did a week later in Seattle. Garcia did a good job limiting the damage in his last start, where all the runs were on solo HRs. He also has a career record of 11-3 with a 2.66 ERA against the Angels.


  • Garcia -- Throw strikes. Don't allow free passes. In the first three games, White Sox starters have allowed a total of just 1 walk. The Angels are averaging 2 runs a game. Those to stats are not unrelated.
  • Patience -- Santana will walk guys. Getting a few guys on base could make him a little rattled.
  • Score first -- This has become the key to the White Sox run. Scoring first seems to relax the offense and allows the pitchers a bit of room to breathe. They just play better with a lead, no matter how small.
Freddy Garcia (14-8, 3.87) vs. Ervin Santana (12-8, 4.65)