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Second Season: Round 2: Game 5

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I can not believe the White Sox are so close to wrapping up the AL. I've been pinching myself, but no matter how many times I do, the Sox still have a 3-1 lead, and are sending their best pitcher to the mound.

I could write a long intro to this, but I'd be hard pressed to top Black Betsy's preview. I especially liked the Russian Roulette comparison. That's exactly how I feel.


  • Count -- Be August-and-after Count. -- He pitched well in game 1. He just got burned by his defense. That won't happen again.
  • Get to Byrd early -- He's gonna throw strikes, so hit-and-run would seem like a good plan of attack.
  • Score first. -- See games 2, 3, 4.
Jose Contreras (15-7, 3.61) vs. Paul Byrd (12-11, 3.74)