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White Sox Thank Their Fans

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I thought I should put this up here, since I'm sure it was missed by some of you.


Dear White Sox fans:

American League Champions. It's been 46 seasons since those words described your Chicago White Sox. Sunday night, that long, frustrating wait for Sox fans and the city of Chicago ended. We did it! You did it! Congratulations to each and every White Sox fan. You deserved this victory. You earned this victory. You supported this team through both thick and thin, through the good times and the bad.

As our players danced and celebrated on the infield in Anaheim, you were there. As we sprayed champagne in the clubhouse, you were there. As we raised the American League trophy, you were there. And as we posed for a triumphant team photo, you were there -- joined by the passion and spirit of generations of White Sox fans.

As important as any home run or any complete game victory, your support helped make this possible. It could not have happened without you. Enjoy every moment. Relish the celebration. We are American League Champions. Let that idea sink in over the coming days.

Thank you from the three of us, from the entire team and from everyone with the White Sox organization. Here's to four more victories and a World Series title.

Go Sox!

Jerry Reinsdorf
Ken Williams
Ozzie Guillen
The rest of the Chicago White Sox