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Armed and Dangerous

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The White Sox are -130 favorites to win the World Series. -- I hate being the favorite, but I like being in the World Series. It's a trade off I'm happy to make.

The Astros have a pitching staff unlike anything we have seen in the post-season. Here are the ERA+ marks for all of the starters that we've faced so far along with what the Astros would look like in a 7 game series.

Clement 96 Clemens 221 Wells 99 Pettitte 174 Wakefield 106 Oswalt 141 ================== Backe 87 Total 301 Clemens 221 Average 100.33 Pettitte 174 Oswalt 141 =================== Byrd 112 Total 1159 Washburn 131 Average 165.57 Lackey 122 Santana 90 Byrd 112 ================== Total 567 Average 113.4 Grand Total 868 Average 108.5
Ozzie is going to used the same rotation that he got the Sox the AL title in the ALCS.
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There will be at least two (more likely 3) games in Houston, where the Sox will be without the black hole at DH. I say black hole because Carl Everett has an incredible .561 OPS in the playoffs.

Here's how I would make out my lineups

vs. Pettitte vs. Others Podsednik Podsednik Iguchi Iguchi Dye Dye Konerko Konerko Rowand Pierzynski Crede Crede Pierzynski Rowand Uribe Uribe Pitcher Pitcher
I doubt Ozzie is so proactive with Rowand, Pierzynski, and Crede, but that's what I would do, nonetheless.