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Aparicio, Jackson, and Blue

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Ceremonial firt pitchers announced

Former White Sox greats Luis Aparicio and Bo Jackson will throw out the ceremonial first pitch at Games 1 & 2, respectively, and two singers who were raised in Chicago, Lou Rawls and Liz Phair, along with singer Josh Groban and trumpeter Chris Botti, will also perform this weekend.

World Series umpires announced

Major League Baseball announced today the umpiring crew that will work the 2005 World Series, scheduled to begin on Saturday, October 22, 2005.

Twenty-eight-year veteran umpire Joe West will call the balls and strikes in Game One of the Fall Classic. West, working his third World Series and 13th post season series, will be joined by Derryl Cousins (3rd WS) in his 11th post season assignment, Jerry Layne (1st WS) in his eighth post season assignment, Angel Hernandez (2nd WS) in his 10th post season assignment, Gary Cederstrom (1st WS) in his sixth post season assignment, and Jeff Nelson (1st WS) also in his sixth post season assignment.