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8 Down, 3 to go

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Seriesly: Thoughts on the Series

  • The White Sox just won a World Series game. I'm going to let that thought marinate for a while... The White Sox just won a World Series game. Next thing you know Mount Union is going to lose a football game.
  • Roger Clemens is the best pitcher of my lifetime, but I was not surprised at all that he didn't make it to the third inning. If I wasn't so nervous prior to the game, I would have included "Test Clemens hamstring" as one of the keys to the game. I would have liked to have seen Podsednik lay down a drag bunt in that first inning.
  • Joe Crede is cementing his place in White Sox lore. Heck, he's cementing himself as a great player in the minds of the casual baseball fan.
  • Jose Contreras wasn't great. He got a lot of help from his defense out there. Houston hitters were hanging out a lot of frozen ropes, but they were finding White Sox' gloves. -- The old Contreras would be afraid of those ropes, however. He would have stuck with his forkball so "he didn't get hit hard." I think he's finally learned to trust his stuff and his defense and it's paying off big time.
  • I was a little disappointed to see the Sox fail to capitalize on the relative wildness of Wandy Rodriguez. He walked 5 batters, but the only run he gave up was the solo shot to Crede. The Sox are relatively lucky that didn't come back to bite them.
  • You gotta love FOX. Only they could be so inept as to be airing a taped interview with the Houston pitching coach while Crede rounds second base and the crowd is going wild in the background. Crede had only about 150 feet left on his HR trot by the time McCarver and Buck finally acknowledged the shot.
  • In the 8th inning when Ozzie went to the pen, FOX displayed their obligatory WebMD graphic. You know it's obligatory because they actually had to make up an injury to highlight. -- The injury? Rusty Arms. -- It's not like there was an injury in the game to report or anything, right?
  • As for those "rusty arms," Neal Cotts and Bobby Jenks struck out 5 of the 7 batters they faced. They struck out the side in the 8th with the Sox clinging to a 1-run lead and the tying run just 90 feet from home.
  • Barack Obama, Frank Thomas, and Kenny Williams could be seen sitting in the front row right behind the White Sox dugout. Don't you wonder what they were talking about?
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