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Second Season: Round 3: The Series: Game 4

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So here it is. The White Sox sit at the cusp of a World Series title. That's right, just the cusp of a championship.

At this moment, I'm listening to some sports radio, and I'm hearing the hosts anoint Jerry Riensdorf the savior of the south side. They are talking as if the Sox won the Series yesterday. -- They did not. I'm not taking anything for granted.

There is still a game to be played tonight. The Sox have to take it right to Brandon Backe. -- I not-so-secretly hope he's miked. His reactions to the Blum and Podsednik HRs were conspicuously absent.

So far this postseason, the Sox have demonstrated a killer instinct. Every time they have gotten a break they take advantage of it. Every time they have had the opportunity to put a team away, they've answered the bell.

One more...

Freddy Garcia (14-8, 3.87) vs. Brandon Backe (10-8, 4.76)