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10 Down, 1 to go

Wow! What a game. 5 hours 41 minutes. 17 different pitchers. Geoff F'n Blum!?!? (Remember that game in Detroit? You're, forgiven Geoff.)

Just some quick notes, I don't even know where to start.

  • Simply put, the best game I've ever watched. Oh sure it has something to do with the Sox being on the winning end, but even an impartial observer has to agree that was a great game. -- Heck, all three of the games have been incredible.
  • The Bullpen -- Ugh. In one breath I wanted to cuss them out, then in the next, I was ready to shower them in praise. -- They gave up just 1 hit in 7 innings of work. And while that's some fine pitching, they also walked 10 and hit a batter. They gave the Astros every chance to win this game.
  • Does anyone know what the 4 fingers held up by the Sox players mean? -- The first time I noticed it was Willie Harris' reaction to the Blum HR. He immediately raised 4 fingers, with his thumb held to his palm. Then everyone else on the Sox bench did it. During the ensuing Crede, Uribe, Widger, and Podsednik ABs they were flashing the same sign. They all seemed to be doing it at the end of the game too.
  • I don't even remember the 5th inning. That seemed like it was ages ago. What an inning.
  • I guess the Sox don't get all the breaks. Jason Lane hit a HR that replays showed was actually a double. -- I'm not complaining about the call. It took 10 minutes for Fox to even find a good angle on it, and it took a zoom in to even be able to tell where it hit. What I am complaining about is Fox's coverage of it. -- The Sox have been on the receiving end of some "controversial" calls, but not one of them were on a run scoring play. It was the Sox play after each controversy that led to the runs. Now, in an extra inning game, 5 innings worth of baseball to talk about how the Astros were given an extra run on a blown call. I found it very telling that the boys in the booth were mum on the issue. (It probably would have been a HR if the roof was closed anyway, right?)
  • I'll try to get on early tomorrow, but right now it's off to bed. I hope I can sleep.