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The Wayback Machine

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Back in May, while the Sox were racing out to the best record in baseball, I collaborated with the guys over at Baseball Analysts in a discussion about how they would fare the rest of the season. There are some good quotes over there. My favorite was this one on our predictions for the season.

Before the hot start I picked the Sox to win 87 games, but I'm not going to let the quick start get me too excited. 92 wins sounds like a good revision to my original prediction, AL Central Champs. I can't predict them going deep in the playoffs though. That would be down right crazy. I don't even remember the last time they won a game that mattered in October ('83), so I'm not going to tempt fate and start picking World Championships or anything crazy like that.
Typical White Sox fan. I couldn't "tempt fate" by predicting a run in the playoffs.
* * * * *

I didn't really have a season preview, partially because those things are everywhere and partially because Studes had one I didn't think I could top. Instead, I simply added some points to Studes preview. Here were some of the highlights

I don't think they'll hit the 242 HR that they reached last year, but I'd eat my hat if they don't break 200 this season, and they should make up for the modest loss of HRs by getting more guys into scoring position the conventional way(hitting & walking) and the hard way(stealing & the dreaded productive out).
I was dangerously close to eating hat.

On the bullpen

Studes attributes the high FIP for the Sox in the most critical situations to Marte's down year, and he's probably partially right, but I know of at least 2 occasions where first pitch "fastballs" got a one way flight to the outfield seats for a grand slam last season care of Thriller. I can think of another that went for a bases clearing double. Plus we had a half season of Billy Koch. The bullpen will be even more improved than Studes numbers indicate simply with the departure of these two.
I love the last line. Sometimes the ship sinks because you're carrying too much dead weight.