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I don't know if I'm going to attend or not. I'm just going to wing it tomorrow, so don't be surprised if there are zero updates around here.

Should I go, my plan of attack would be to hop on Metra and walk over to CBoT from Union Station. Get the ticker tape effect, and try to catch the end of the rally at Wacker and LaSalle.

The parade starts at 11 from Comiskey, with the first part scheduled to take about an hour. The second part, which begins at CBoT, is supposed to start at noon and take about 45 minutes. The ticker tape portion of the parade is supposed to feature bands and floats in addition to the players. There will then be a rally at LaSalle and Wacker with Da Mayer, KW, Ozzie, and many players scheduled to speak. I heard that there may be a special "impromptu" performance by everyone's favorite balladeer, Steve Perry. -- I hope John Rooney is there too.