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Second Season: Game 1

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I started to write one of those lame series preview posts on Sunday night, but that's not what this website is about. -- You can find series previews anywhere. I try to fill a niche that's not covered in other places, which meant not a lot of updates the last couple of days as each local newspaper ran about 10 stories a piece on the White Sox. -- I'll be back with some comprehensive coverage after today's game.

Instead of a preview, I'll just list what I feel the keys to today's game are.

  1. Contreras -- Throw first pitch strike. -- Keep them in the yard. -- With the unseasonably hot weather the ball is going to be jumping. The team who keeps the ball in the ballpark is going to be the winner today.
  2. Work the count -- Clement has a terrible 49/33 K/BB ratio in the second half, compared to 82/27 for the White Sox best pitcher. Make him throw your pitch, and we'll get to him, but even if you don't, working the count gets you to Boston's weak pen earlier.
  3. Execute -- Runner at 3rd less than 2 out, he better score. Failing to score runs in situations like that are amplified in the playoffs, where every run extremely valuable.
Jose Contreras (15-7, 3.61) vs. Matt Clement (13-6, 4.57)