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1 Down, 10 to go

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Frank says, Wow! What can you say about that game? Just an incredible effort from everyone in black.

Looking back at my keys for game one, I was right on the money with most of them.

"Contreras -- Throw first pitch strike. Keep them in the yard."

The first two innings, Contreras only had first pitch strike on one batter, but he battled. He didn't walk anyone, and made Boston earn their way on. Once he got comfortable with the lead, he was the Contreras we've come to know over the second half. He was pounding the strike zone with fastballs, getting ahead of hitters, and putting them away with nasty splitters. Simply put, an Ace.

My second key to the game was to work the count, and though the Sox didn't draw a walk off of Clement, they did make him work all game. They didn't chase bad pitches, and put themselves in the position to get a good pitch to hit. -- It helped that most of his pitches weren't anywhere near the zone, but I'll take it any way I can get it.

My final key was simply execution. When you hit 5 HRs you don't have to rely on perfect execution to win games. -- I was correct in my assertion that the team who left the yard was going to win, I just didn't expect it to be us, or so resoundingly.

* * * * *

One of the best things about getting to Clement was that it forced Tito to go to his pen. We're not going to see Timlin or Papelbon unless it's a close game or Boston is protecting a lead, but the back end of Boston's pen was exposed, specifically Bronson Arroyo. His appearance, for only one inning seems to indicate that he will be coming out of the pen for the entire series, and he will not be starting in place of Clement should the series go to a deciding 5th game. -- I would think that they may turn to Wells and Wakefield on short rest should the situation arise.

* * * * *

The one thing I was disappointed in was the curtain calls. -- Maybe it's because I'm never a big fan of upstaging the other team -- There are still games to be played this series, and there are some very proud players in the opposing dugout. I'm pretty sure they didn't enjoy seeing the White Sox take more bows than the cast of Spamalot on opening night.

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