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Second Season: Game 3

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Some keys:

  1. Patience -- Wakefield's knuckler is tough to keep in the zone. Don't chase. Wait for your pitch.
  2. Big Game Freddy -- Garcia is 39-13 during the day, and much better on the road. He also thinks of himself as a big game pitcher. Time to prove it. -- Throw strikes.
  3. Quiet the Crownd -- The White Sox are the best first inning team in baseball. Get out to an early lead and take the crowd out of the game.
There is rain in the forcast, and it looks to me like it should hit about an hour or so after first pitch. -- Wakefield would probably be able to come back out and start again after the delay. I doubt Freddy would be able to do the same.

Freddy Garcia (14-8, 3.87) vs. Tim Wakefield (16-12, 4.15)