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3 Down, 8 to go

On an overcast and occasionally rainy Friday late afternoon into night, the Chicago White Sox won a post-season series for the first time in most of our lifetimes. Think about that. Even my Grandfather (born in September of 1917) can't remember the last time the White Sox cracked open some bubbly this late in October.

Back on monday, the hot topic was how could you leave McCarthy off the playoff roster? -- I didn't really express my opinion simply because I didn't want to get in an argument over it. I wanted El Duque on the roster, and Friday you saw why. -- He's one of the best post-season pitchers in baseball history.

Frank Thomas said it best (wma file):

When the shit hits the fan, El Duque's the one guy you want in your corner.
Ed Farmer (wma):
Get him a cap, a cape, and a little wand, 'cause he'll make a rabbit out of his hat.

Magic is right. Ozzie has seemed to have the midas touch all season long. He made up for his one mistake this series (calling on Marte in a game that already featured a small strike zone) by making a call only he could have made. If it wasn't for Ozzie Guillen campaining hard for him, Duque would have been left off the roster. Then where would the sox be?

* * * * *

Obviously El Duque was the hero on Friday, but you've got to acknowledge some guys who might get overlooked.

  • A.J. Pierzynski - who batted .444 with 2 HR, and caught every inning behind the plate. He even stole a base and came home on a squeeze play.
  • Aaron Rowand - who batted .400 with his typical great defense
  • Juan Uribe - who batted .400 with his typical great defense and executed a great sqeeze to push home the final insurance run
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