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Rooney's departure not assured

So says Ed Sherman of the Chicago Tribune.

The odds of John Rooney returning as radio voice of the White Sox are about as long as Ozzie Guillen suddenly going politically correct. This is a huge long shot.

Still, it is worth recounting a lunch date Rooney had with Mitch Rosen, his former agent and the current program director at WSCR-AM 670, during the World Series in Houston last week. The conversation included an interesting twist.

"He asked me, 'Is there any way I would return [to the Sox]?'" Rooney said. "I said, 'Never say never.'"

I'm not holding my breath. In an interview with Bryan Dolgin on the night of the Sox Series triumph, Rooney said something cryptic about Seattle; something about Seattle having the most beautiful blue skies. He made the comment after Dolgin asked him about his plans for next year. He also said the same 'never say never' with regards to the Sox.

Hey, it worked for Jordan. Why not Rooney?