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Yankees inquire about Rowand

[New York Daily News] (Via San Jose Mercury News)

The New York Yankees recently approached White Sox general manager Kenny Williams about trying to work out a trade for centerfielder Aaron Rowand, according to sources, but were told by Williams there was no match between the teams.

There really is no match between the two teams. The only player who'd really interest the Sox is Matsui, who is about to become a free agent.

I'd have no problem parting with Rowand. I feel that he's easily replaceable with Brian N. Anderson. -- Here's where somebody questions trading him when he has such a "low value". Buy low, sell High. Well, I believe that Rowand's value is about as high as it's ever going to be. There are a few teams (Yankees, Padres, D'Backs, Red Sox all come to mind) who'd all love to have Rowand in center field.