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Free AgenZzzzzz

I wonder if baseball executives are aware that they are, in fact, allowed to sign players right now. Think about it, there are GM openings at the head of two of the top spending teams in baseball. Wouldn't that be the perfect opportunity to get a jump on the competition?

The race for next season has begun and these two are still tying their shoes. -- There's no need to wait until the rabbit goes 'round the tree and into the hole. -- Let's begin already.

I amazed that I've seen no figures from other teams regarding Konerko's future salary. Even the rumored 4/$52M deal that the Sox reportedly offered has been dismissed by both the White Sox front office and Konerko's agent. They both say no such offer was made. -- It appears, at least at first, that the Sox may have called the Angels bluff. The Sox non-offer seems to have had the same effect on other front offices. Nobody wants to set the market.