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White Sox contact Eyre

Um, yeah. The big free agent news. It's a LOOGY.

White Sox general manager Ken Williams was one of four GMs who contacted the agent for free-agent left-handed reliever Scott Eyre during a recent 24-hour period.

"Kenny called this morning to indicate he'd like to talk more in the future," agent Tommy Tanzer of Skokie-based CSMG said Tuesday.

"I know the White Sox are a team Scott would be interested in."

I think I speak for all of us when I say that Scott was clearly the centerpiece that drove the White Sox to the 2000 AL Central crown back when he was with us. He was a god among men.

But seriously, he's not exactly very good. His only discernible skill is being left handed. -- The Cubs are also interested in acquiring Eyre. That should tell you enough right there. They signed 3 or 4 different lefties last off-season, while letting Andy Sisco go to the Royals in the Rule 5 draft, so why wouldn't they be after another one? It's not like there's a better one on the market or anything(Billy Wagner, B.J. Ryan).

It's hard to imagine Eyre being any better than Damaso Marte. I would say that there's a very good chance that Eyre posts a worse '06 than Damaso's '05. I don't know if he learned a new pitch, or what he had going on last season, but compared to the rest of his career, it appears to be a serious outlier.