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Hot Stove heating up, but is anything cooking?

[Philadelphia Inquirer]

Thome has clear parameters on where he would be willing to go, should the Phillies present him with a trade possibility.

It would have to be an American League team, where he could be a designated hitter in addition to a first baseman.

It would have to be to a team with a chance of winning, because his championship desires are as strong as ever.

And, it probably has to be to a city close to his Midwest roots. He grew up in Illinois and has an off-season home outside of Cleveland.

"I can't pinpoint a team yet," Thome said. "But it would have to be close to home. Cleveland would be a place. Would it be the only place? No. Chicago would be there."

From the horses mouth, He'd waive his no-trade clause to come to the Sox.
People close to the situation say the White Sox could make a play for Thome if they are unable to re-sign free agent Paul Konerko. Even if Konerko returns, the Sox could have interest in Thome as a DH.
I like the sounds of the second part of that excerpt. But Thome's got a massive contract, I don't think we'd be able ot have both at the same time. But...
Thome is owed $46 million the next three seasons. To trade him, the Phillies would have to absorb a good chunk of that money, at least half and maybe more, some baseball executives have said.
Thome at $8M a year is doable. Hell, it would be a bargain if he's healthy again.

Yesterday's Sun Times contained an article insinuating that the Sox would beat out the Cubs in their pursuit of Marlins center fielder Juan Pierre during Florida's fire sale.

I don't buy it at all. The Sox need an left-handed OPS machine to fill the gaping hole at DH, Pierre doesn't fit this bill at all. -- I would watch the package that the Cubs put together closely, however. There's a good chance that if they don't include Corey Patterson, Florida has it's eyes set on another center fielder to replace Pierre. Rowand at the centerpiece of a deal for Carlos Delgado anyone?