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Balancing Act

Have I mentioned that I love how the San Jose Mercury News puts tomorrow's Chicago Tribune articles online much earlier than the actual Tribune? Well, I do.

Tomorrow's article is a recap of the whole White Sox off-season. While the article contained no earth-shattering news, it did have a nice collection of valuable information and quotes. Most notably,

Also, sources said the White Sox inquired about the availability of outfielder Ichiro Suzuki, who has said he is unhappy in Seattle. However, the Mariners have decided they cannot trade their most visible player.
As long as Williams is the GM, you can always expect the Sox to aim high.

Most of the article was posturing by Williams about the balancing act he has to maintain with all of his eggs in the air at the same time.

"(Konerko and agent Craig Landis) want to go through the (free agent) process and see what people say at the winter meetings," Williams said. "We're trying to walk the line of difficulty in balancing the respect due to him and protecting the club's interest and trying to prepare if he is not back."


"There are some things we could engage in now if we wanted to," Williams said. "The difficulty is remaining patient and respectful, but not to put ourselves in a position to lose out on other situations. We will head to the winter meetings and be as aggressive as we've always been and hope that the timing works out."


"We have a couple of opportunities right now where we could add some offense, but I have to be mindful of the situation (with Konerko) and be patient," Williams said. "The even more difficult part comes if the pressure from the other clubs steps up because of time sensitivity."