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I think I think

Getting my Peter King on...

  1. I think Peter Gammons is the new GM in Boston. How else does a blockbuster deal involving the Sox top prospects and a former World Series MVP go down? Larry Lucchino and ESPN just decided to cut out the middle man.
  2. Where there's smoke there is fire. Florida is burning down, and the only players not available are Miguel Cabrera, Dontrelle Willis, and Jeremy Hermida. I think we should concentrate on stealing the most valuable items (Carlos Delgado) first and let the other clubs bother with the those with a smaller resale value (Juan Pierre).
  3. Last week I wrote that I thought the Konerkometer was a surprisingly cool idea by the Tribune Company. Well it has been pretty stagnant, being updated just once since. I think I'm done paying attention to it. I'll wait until the check engine light comes on.
  4. I think they put something in the water at the GM meetings and San Diego GM Kevin Towers was the only one who wasn't thirsty. Everyone seems to be sleepwalking, but not Towers. -- Towers has signed Geoff Blum and Eric Young, plus he's acquired Vinny Castilla, Mike Cameron, and Bobby Hill via trade. 3 trades, and 2 free agent singings. That's almost more than all the other GMs combined.
  5. If I was Dave Wilder, I wouldn't be searching for real estate in the Boston area. He may be being considered for the GM position, but if they can make trades without you, what does that say about your power when you actually assume the title? I think I know why Theo left now.
  6. I think's Free Agent tracker is very useful.
  7. I think Twinkie Town was long overdue.
  8. I think everyone should read Deadspin's Rodman Trilogy. Episode I: The Book Signing | Episode II: The Angry Agent | Episode III: The Angrier Agent
  9. I think Ross Gload is getting screwed in the voting for Sportsman of the year. -- Podsednik was nominated. So was Konerko. El Conde too. Heck, Ozzie was nominated and he didn't even play a game.
  10. I think I'm done now.