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Delgado to the Mets

Looks like a done deal.

Mets get: Delgado + $7M
Fish get: Mike Jacobs + Yusmeiro Petit

My first reaction to the deal was, "damn!" When I saw the Beckett-to-Boston trade go down, I knew things were going to degrade pretty fast in Miami, but this is surprising even me.

This hurts the Sox in a number of ways.

  1. They don't have Delgado
  2. It makes the Pierre rumors more believable
  3. It limits the market for 1B/DH types
It also sets the market for the now inevitable trade with the Phillies. The Mets gave up two top prospects for Delgado, giving Gillick back-up that his demands are reasonable.

The problem is, Thome isn't worth as much as Delgado. He's older than Delgado, has a higher salary, was injured last year, and Philly will be looking for major league talent in return. I can't foresee a deal for Thome that doesn't include at least one key piece from the 25 man roster. My gut is telling me this is the perfect storm for Kenny to make the trade that eventually costs him his job.

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