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The universal reaction to the Thome trade in Chicago has overwhelming positive. It appears that Kenny Williams is now the unquestioned god of baseball GMs, or at least he is to Chicago's baseball scribes.

[Phil Arvia -- Daily Southtown]

Williams, no doubt, is gambling the returns will be higher. After last season, who are we to bet against him?
[Barry Rozner -- Daily Herald]
Eleven months ago, we told you to have a good cry over Carlos Lee and then get over it, because the Sox were trying to win, not make friends.

Today, we offer you the same advice.

Remember fondly Aaron Rowand for his solid contributions to a World Series-winning team, wish him well and then move on, because Kenny Williams isn't going to bring back the same team.

[Phil Rogers -- Chicago Tribune]
Jim Thome's a risk, you're darn right he is. But he's also a player with tremendous integrity and a guy with enough brute strength to hit home runs through the early-season (or even October) cold at U.S. Cellular Field.


The biggest compliment of all for Rowand should be that he will be missed.

[Mike Downey -- Chicago Tribune]
I don't know about you, but I admire guts.

And guts is what it took for the White Sox to part ways Wednesday with one of their most valuable players, Aaron Rowand, 28 days after the World Series.

Even Chicago's favorite Windsock (You know where to find him.) was complimentary of the deal.
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