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Konerko Deadline?

It looks like the Konerkometer may have a much shorter life span than I had envisioned. The Chicago Tribune quotes Kenny Williams on the Konerko negotiations.

"One way or another, we need closure by the [end of the] winter meetings," Sox general manager Kenny Williams said in reference to Dec. 8.
It's weird. I'm much more confident that the Sox are going to sign Konerko than I was just a couple of days ago. And I was pretty confident then. -- The relative inactivity of other clubs in regards to Konerko looks like it should work out in the White Sox favor.

Also from the same article was this quote that seems to indicate some disagreement in the White Sox front office about Joe Crede's health.

"There's one school of thought [Crede] will be OK and another we have to get some insurance," Williams said. "It's still early in the off-season."
Of course, I could just be reading too much into this, but this is probably the third or fourth article where I've seen the Sox linked to Bill Mueller.