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Konerko Contract Update

This, from Rotoworld:

Agent Craig Landis said Paul Konerko is seeking a deal of six or seven years, possibly including a strict no-trade clause.

"Paul wants a long deal. He wants to spend the second half of his career with a team for the entire time," Landis said. "He doesn't want to be moving around. He wants to settle into a community and buy a house." Landis revealed that the Angels, who are expected to be among Konerko's biggest suitors, have already made contact with him. "They contacted me a couple of days ago to say they are interested," he said. "That's all they said, to officially let us know. They are interested and will be talking to us at a more appropriate time."

Source: Riverside Press-Enterprise

I was a little nervous hearing that Konerko was looking for four/five years, but now its six/seven? I'm sorry, but that's way too long a contract for a player with his skill-set.

Of course, this could just be a case of the agent attempting to drive up his player's price, but who knows. I'm sure there's a team out there who wouldn't hesitate giving Konerko a six year deal.