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Konerko returns to Sox

A week ago, the Sox traded for Jim Thome, and I felt more confident than ever that the Sox would resign Konerko.

Last weekend, with news on the Konerko front coming in at merely a trickle, Kenny Williams issued a deadline for Konerko's signing.

Last night, Konerko rejected a 5yr/$65M offer from the Orioles, and I said he would be signing by the end of the week.

Today, Konerko signed a 5yr/$60M deal with the White Sox.

* * * * *

My initial reaction is that I'm happy Pauly is back. I may not like Konerko's Kontract at the end of the deal, but for the next Kouple of years he's going to be worth every penny to the White Sox.

What are your thoughts?