Shortly after the Game Four win, I logged onto Itunes and downloaded Journey's Greatest Hits.  Some of it was giddiness.  Some of it was giving back to our good luck charm, Steve Perry.  And part of it was good memories of high school back in the late 80's.  It struck me that many of the songs could be used to represent different parts of the 2005 White Sox season.  Well, my brain kept chewing on it and here it is.  Songs are in the same order of the disc.

Only the Young - This one's for Jon Garland.  After waiting for years for him to turn the corner, he seems to have done so in a big, big way.  He went from average to Cy Young candidate.  Let's hope it's for real and we get to see it for years to come.

Don't Stop Believin' - We all know where this came from.  I love that they turned a chance song from a cover band into the season anthem.  This is one of those goofy stories that make sports special.  

Wheel in the Sky - This one is for KW and Ozzie.  They had an idea for what they wanted to do with the team.  They faced immense criticism and went ahead and did it anyway.  And now they're World Champions.  

Faithfully - This is for White Sox fans that have stuck around for decades, always believing in their team.  We stuck around and watched other teams win everything.  This was our reward.

I'll Be All Right Without You - This one goes out to Mags.  We loved watching you hit and hit and hit over the years.  But you needed more money.  And your injury situation was incredibly unclear.  Hope you're having fun in Detroit.

Any Way You Want It - I thought about dedicating this to the versatile style of play that the Sox brought to the table this year.  But I can't get the picture of Rodney Dangerfield dancing on the golf course out of my head.  From another group that got no respect, here's to you.

Ask the Lonely - This one goes out to August and September.  We couldn't really blow a 15 game lead could we?  Just as we'd bought into the team, they seemed destined to deal us the worst blow possible.  How many times did we read `worst collapse in baseball history'?  

Who's Crying Now - This one's for Angels and Astros fans.  Angel fans seemed to give up after a losing Game Two.  Did their team even have a lead in the last three games?  Astro fans take the cake though.  Does anyone else expect to see headlines like `Overnight temps dip into the 40's.  Hundreds feared dead.'?  

Separate Ways - This song is for Carlos Lee and Scott Podsednik.  Their trade was when the organization went from power to speed.  Remember when Pods drove pitchers nuts earlier in the season?  Let's hope that comes back next year.

Lights - This song goes out to all 200 homeruns and the following fireworks.  One of the keys to this team's success was having power distributed throughout the lineup.  Outside of the leadoff spot, we got homeruns from everywhere.  I think that was one of the reasons for the `timely' hitting.

Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' - This song is about breaking up with someone only to have them rebound better and be happy with someone else.  In other words, it goes out to Twins fans and A.J.  The Twins traded him away and he wound up on a divisional rival winning the World Series.  Man, that's got to hurt.

Open Arms - Here's to the pitching staff.  They were deep and very, very good.  Remember how bad our fifth pitcher was in 2003 and 2004?  Being that deep was probably the biggest reason for the World Series championship.  Let's hope we're setting up for a staff like the 90's Braves.

Girl Can't Help It - I've got nothing for this.  Any suggestions?

Send (Hurt) My Love - Here's to you, Frank.  Man, was he a power in his brief time back.  Wish he could have been back for the playoffs.  I loved that he surprised the team in Cleveland after they clinched in Detroit.  Let's hope he comes back next season and can stay healthy.

Be Good to Yourself - This is for Ozzie.  He seemed to do the right thing all year long and especially during the playoffs.  He seemed to walk the tightrope of being one of the guys, but also being the one to make the tough choice.  Let's hope he can keep the magic going.  

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