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I'm Back

Hack. Hack. I think I had the Bird Flu or something. Although, 'something' could just be lack of real news. I have Google Alerts set to send me news on all sorts of White Sox keywords, and in the last 36 hours I've received only one link to a story. And that was to an Asian newspaper reporting the Sox World Series victory.

  • The Sox have until Thursday in their window of exclusivity with Konerko is closed and all other teams are allowed to talk with him. -- I don't expect to see any news on that front between now and then. Konerko is going to test the market regardless of the Sox making an offer, so it appears like the Sox are going to wait until somebody else blinks first.

    Don't underestimate the Angels stupidity in this situation. They have Casey Kochman and Kendry Morales on the horizon for the next couple of years, but I still expect them to be our main competition for Konerko

  • Iguchi finished 4th in Rookie of the Year voting. -- I don't care. Neither should you. -- It's not like he was a "real" rookie anyway. I guess we'll just have to wipe our tears on a World Series title.
  • I really hate ESPN.

    My first thought when I heard T.O. had been suspended was "November. Damn, it's sweeps." Sal Palantonio sure has some nice job security.

    As if that wasn't enough, I caught what I thought was Steve Phillips being introduced as the new Boston GM. My first thought was "Yes! That idiot is finally off the air." Of course, about 30 seconds later, I realized this was, in fact, a fake press conference with Phillips playing the part of a real GM.

    The bit lasted for about 5 minutes, or about 5 minutes longer than the Gerry Hunziger press conference coverage. Only ESPN would not cover the press conference introducing the new GM of one team, and days later hold a fake press conference for the same thing.

    It gets worse. The thing was so fake that, had it been real, Steve Phillips would have lost his job on the spot. Every question he answered would have been considered tampering.