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Kong and Godzilla


At $8.75 million, Konerko was the highest-paid player on the 2005 Sox, taking up less than 12 percent of a $75 million payroll. As that percentage of payroll goes higher, even if the payroll does increase to $85 million, it will be more difficult for Williams to keep his team as deep as it was during the dream season. With Boston, the Los Angeles Angels, the New York Mets and possibly Yankees interested in Konerko, the price per season could jump above $14 million, the franchise-record salary Magglio Ordonez was paid in 2004.
Not much new here. I'm going to be writing that a lot this winter
According to major-league sources, [Hideki] Matsui was watching the White Sox closely in October. If Konerko doesn't return, the left-handed-hitting outfielder could be the best possible replacement in the middle of Ozzie Guillen's lineup. The Yankees are trying to re-sign him before Friday, when he can join hundreds of other free agents on the open market.
He would bring more balance to the club, though he'd have to play in the Carl Everett role.