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KW thinks Konerko will be back

This is from the Chicago Tribune, but for some reason they are slow to get it online tonight. San Jose Mercury News always has the same articles posted online sooner.

"Ultimately, when all is said and done, the player wants to be in Chicago and the club wants him to be in Chicago," the Sox general manager said Tuesday. "I'm optimistic something will work out."


"Paul and his camp were amenable to sitting down and talking about (an extension before the 2005) season." Williams said. "I made the decision I wanted to see how all the pieces fit together. At this point, I can't very well elect not to return their respect. At the least, I have to let him look at his options."

Williams made a solid decision not to sign him before the '05 season. The fact is he looked like a freakin' genius in May when Konerko was flirting with the Mendoza line. -- Since then, however, Konerko has had a perfect storm of production in the spotlight and lack of other quality free agents that has driven his price through the roof. -- I don't think anyone could have predicted this last off-season, or even at the All-star break.

Williams did concede that there was a possibility Kong won't return next year.

"If we don't have Paul, it's not like Juan Uribe and Joe Crede are going to throw the ball into the stands because no one's there to catch it," he said. "Somebody will be there. We'll figure this out just like we figured things out last year when Magglio (Ordonez) was gone, Carlos (Lee) was gone. The whole of the team is more important than any individual piece."