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Now what?

We haven't even reached the winter meetings, (scheduled to begin Monday) and the defending World Series Champion White Sox have already addressed their two biggest off-season concerns by trading for Jim Thome and resigning Paul Konerko. The rest of the division, well, has been waiting.

The Twins biggest acquisition is a jersey. The Tigers lost out on Farnsworth and B.J. Ryan, but seem to be handing out minor league deals like candy on Halloween. The Indians lost their set-up man and I've heard little news on the Kevin Millwood front. The Royals still think they have a shot at Rafael Furcal.

Aaron Gleeman is uneasy that the Sox already appear to have a better team than the one that won the World Series just over a month ago.

The Sox now have 26 players under their control who have a reasonable shot at making the roster.

Position Pitchers (12) Players (14) Konerko Buehrle Thome Garcia Iguchi Garland Uribe Contreras Crede McCarthy Dye Jenks Anderson Hermanson Podsednik Politte Pierzynski Cotts Widger Marte Ozuna Vizcaino Harris El Duque Gload Perez
So now the questions turn to the back end of the team. The Sox aren't going to carry 12 pitchers, which brings up a bevy of questions.
  • What is El Duque's role on the team?
  • Which pitcher is in a uniform other than the Sox come April?
  • Do the Sox let Timo Perez walk?
  • Why not let Joe Borchard strikeout in Timo's spot?
  • Why do I keep hearing noise about a #2 hitter?
  • Where would Bill Mueller (rumored to be being courted by the Sox) fit?
  • Why does the name Juan Pierre keep coming up?