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Ozzie on Ugie

ESPN has an interview transcript from Pedro Gomez' visit to Venezula regarding Ugeth Urbina's incarceration. Ozzie Guillen:

Few people know Ugie Urbina, the real one, not the one the people read about in the street. I think Ugie's reputation is he overreacts a little, not only in the United States, but also in Venezuela. I'm not saying Ugie's the best kid in the world. But when you know [who] the real Ugie Urbina is, it's kind of touchy. I think this kid's really special. I think Ugie's the kind of guy that when he's your friend, he will take a bullet for you, a real bullet. He's not the type of person that some will take their shirt off for, [but] I think when Ugie feels for somebody, I think he'll do everything for you. I think the reason Ugie is struggling right now is because he's a good friend.