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Vazquez rumors gain steam, now include El Duque

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[Scott Miller -- CBS Sportsline]

The World Series champion Chicago White Sox are on the verge of acquiring starting pitcher Javier Vazquez from Arizona for pitcher Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez, a minor-league outfielder expected to be Chris Young and another pitcher, believed to be a reliever, according to CBS sources.
I don't know what to make of this.
  1. It gives us 6 starting pitchers
  2. Who goes to the pen?
  3. If it's Contreras, why not make him the closer?
  4. Why limit Contreras' innings like that?
  5. Whither young McCarthy?
Whatever the answer is, this is would be a move not just for '06, but for '07 and beyond too. In one of those rarely heard of clauses, because Vazquez demanded a trade, he wouldn't be a free agent at the end of his deal.
The White Sox actually would control Vazquez for three years. Since he demanded a trade, he gave up the right to be a free agent after his contract expires, so they would be able to offer him arbitration for the third year.
I admire Williams' for recognizing he was likely to lose 40% of his rotation following '06, and being proactive in finding someone to take their place. But... I think we have to reserve judgement on this one until they break camp and all of the roster questions have been answered.

They always say you can never have too much pitching, right? says that this looks like a done deal. They just don't have a full story up yet. It even suggests this may be something of a bargaining chip RE: Garland and Contreras contract negotiations.

"They will know when it's time to get serious," said Williams, when asked about the timetable his pitchers were working with in regard to deciding on the team's contract offers. Williams paused, before adding directly, "By the way, it's probably time for them to get serious."
Williams appears to want his entire rotation under control through the '07 season, and whoever signs first (Contreras or Garland) will be the one to stay. Or I could be reading into that the wrong way. -- There are so many ways this thing could break. I honeslty have no idea which way he's going.

Update [2005-12-14 3:33:29 by The Cheat]: Newday's Jon Heyman, who's been breaking all of the stories this off-season, reports that Vizcaino is the nameless reliever and the Sox recieve cash.

In return for Vazquez and money, the White Sox are sending former Yankee Orlando Hernandez, righthanded reliever Luis Vizcaino and outfield prospect Chris Young.