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Garland Rumor Mongering Thread

There hasn't been much talk today in the way of rumors on the inevitable Garland trade. So hey, let's fill the void.

First there's the acknowledged trade partners.


The Chicago White Sox, having acquired Javier Vazquez, have extra pitching to trade and the Rangers have already placed the call, knowing they have extra outfielders.

The White Sox are willing to talk about Jon Garland, who can become a free agent after next season, but right now they want too much in return.

The "too much in return" comment isn't surprising coming from Texas. After all, the one trade that new GM Jon Daniels did make was a landslide win for them, and Rosenthal quoted one exacutive as saying of Daniels:
"In every trade proposal, he's asking for the other general manager's first born, plus two pitchers."
The Red Sox, White Sox and Cubs are believed to be the most persistent suitors of disgruntled Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada, according to a source close to Tejada yesterday, but other teams have been calling as well.
Yeah, the Orioles need pitching. But this move would be more about moving an unhappy Tejada.


Colletti has contacted teams with a surplus of starting pitchers, including the Chicago White Sox (Jon Garland, Jose Contreras), Boston (Wells), Yankees (Carl Pavano) and New York Mets (Kris Benson).
Right now, I'd love to do a move with the Dodgers. Garland would be happy being close to home. He wouldn't be haunting us in the AL. And best of all, the Dodger have the deepest farm system in baseball. -- I'd love a package of Chad Billingsley and Jonathan Broxton or Billingsley and Greg Miller.

Pure speculation after the jump

So what other teams can we project being interested in Garland?

  • Angels -- They should be able to add Garland's salary with all of the guys they let go this year. Also have an incredibly deep farm system. I don't want to help a AL pennant opponent though.
  • Seattle -- They're in the market for pitching. I don't think they would like adding Garland if they could get a 72-hour extension window like we got with Garcia. -- They're not as deep as the Dodgers or Angels --
  • Boston -- They're trying to move both David Wells, Matt Clement, and even Wade Miller. If they're successful in moving two of them, Garland could go here.
  • San Francisco -- Brian Sabean's always looking to get rid of prospects. Garland may be too young for him though. Matt Cain and Merkin Valdez make them a possibile destination.
  • St. Louis -- They lost one of their starters. After Adam Wainright, their system starts to look a little thing.
  • Houston -- I know nothing on about their system. I saw some internet speculation of a Willie Tavarez led deal, however.
  • That other team in town -- Well, I had to bring them up. They're going to start the season with Jerome Willaims and Glendon Rusch in the rotation. Obviosly Garland would be an upgrade. -- This is gonna sound crazy, but I would take Corey Patterson off their hands if they tossed in a couple of arms. All of the Cubs pitching prospects are kinda icky right now though. They have injury histories, or got clobbered, or succeeded but were repeating a level in '05. I would avoid a deal with them.
  • Altanta -- They just traded their best prospect, and they probably have payroll issues. So, any deal with them would have to return major league talent. Wilson Betemit or Horacio Ramirez maybe.
  • Mets -- They have too many starters, but Garland would be an upgrade over about 4 of them. If they can move someone, Garland becomes a possibility. Lastings Milledge will replace Chris Young nicely.
  • Phillies -- They've been rumored to be shopping Abreu. I don't know why. They like to boo him there. He's Venezuelan, so who knows. This deal would take both Jermaine Dye and Garland, though it should net a prospect in return.
Are there any other deals out there? JoeCoolMan this is your thread. Go crazy. No speculation is too off-the-wall.