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2025 White Sox GM: Garrett Guest

  • Check out this interview with White Sox minor leaguer Garrett Guest. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see him climbing the ranks of the White Sox front office in the relatively near future.
  • Art Thiel of the Seattle Post Intelligencer is not too happy about the M's signing of Jarrod Washburn just 18 months after they kicked Freddy Garcia to the curb. -- I post this just as cautionary tale. We could find ourselves in this very position with respect to Jon Garland in a year or two.
  • Harry Caray's Restaurant bought the bat that made the final out of the 2005 World Series. They plan to display it prominently at the restraunt where balls are blown up then made into sauce. [World Series Bat Auction]
  • I can't really figure out the major trade that went down today. It seems to me that Young and Eaton are relatively equal pitchers, but Eaton is due to make about 10 times what Young will. It looks to me like Texas traded and outfielder and a top prospect for a good reliever, a lesser prospect, and the right to spend more money. I doubt this helps their chances of signing Millwood or trading for Garland.