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Non-tender deadline passes, Sox mum

The Sox refused to give us an early Christmas present on Tuesday night. With every other team in baseball releasing their non-tendered players list by the 11PM Central deadline, the Sox chose to keep theirs a relative secret from the media.

While every other site contains an article with a definite non-tendered list, contains just the headline, Three likely to be non-tendered

Full list of all non-tendered players after the jump. You'll find one very interesting name and a bunch of firewood.

STARTERS ---------------------------- RHP Kurt Ainsworth (BAL) RHP Cha Seung Baek (SEA) RHP Dewon Brazelton (SD) RHP Josh Fogg (PIT) RHP Ryan Franklin (SEA) RHP Wade Miller (BOS) RHP Wes Obermueller (ATL) RHP Ramon Ortiz (CIN) RELIEVERS ---------------------------- RHP Jose Acevedo (COL) RHP Jon Adkins (CHW) RHP Grant Balfour (MIN) RHP Jeff Bennett (MIL) RHP Chad Bradford (BOS) RHP Joe Borowski (TB) LHP Craig Breslow (SD) RHP Jim Brower (ATL) RHP Shawn Camp (KC) RHP Felix Diaz (CHW) RHP Jose Diaz (CLE) LHP Wayne Franklin (NYY) RHP Dan Kolb (MIL) RHP Mike Lincoln (STL) LHP Trever Miller (TB) RHP Nick Reglio (TEX) RHP Eddy Rodriguez (BAL) RHP Joe Valentine (CIN) RHP Tyler Yates (NYM) CATCHERS ---------------------------- Pete LaForest (SD) Mike Mahoney (STL) Jason Phillips (LAD) Mike Rose (TB) Miguel Olivo (SD) FIRST BASEMEN ---------------------------- Ken Harvey (KC) Brian Myrow (LAD) SECOND BASEMEN ---------------------------- Willie Harris (CHW) Bo Hart (STL) Junior Spivey (WAS) THIRD BASEMEN ---------------------------- Joe Dillon (FLA) Scott Seabol (STL) Rick Short (WAS) OUTFIELDERS ---------------------------- Hiram Bocachica (OAK) Eric Byrnes (BAL) Endy Chavez (PHI) Mike Edwards (LAD) Alex Escobar (WAS) Wayne Lydon (NYM) Timo Perez (CHW) Ryan Spilborghs (COL) Jamal Strong (SEA)
Olivo.... Hmmm.