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Alexa loves the Sox

AJ is 1337As I've written here a few times before, I use Firefox for my web browsing needs, recently upgrading to Firefox 1.5. One of the best features about Firefox is the ability to customize it through extensions, including one for Baseball Reference.

One of the extensions I have installed is a search preview that places a thumbnail next to each link on major search engines. The thumbnail for anything at ESPN has been of ESPN's front page with A.J. Pierzynski famously striking out in game two of the ALCS. I've been waiting for it to change as Alexa grabs another screencap, but now I'm just enjoying it.

Every time I type a current player's name into google, up pops AJ, Paul, and Eddings; I get to relive that night, over and over.

Thanks to my stats package, I can tell that about 1/3 of you are already using Firefox. The rest of you should consider it. I even found my spell check extension that wasn't able to upgrade last week. No more mispellings. <-- That was irony.

In case you couldn't already tell, I decided to push some of my discussion pieces back until at least after Christmas. This is what you get when I need something to write about and there isn't much to work with.