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Egg Nog Hangover

[Boston Globe]

For now, the Orioles' talks with the Cubs are more advanced than with anyone else, though sources on both sides said nothing was imminent last night. There has been talk, as there is wont to be in these matters, of various three- or four-team scenarios, the most ambitious rumor one in which the Orioles would wind up with Ramírez and White Sox pitcher Jon Garland, the Cubs would get Tejada, the White Sox would get Bedard, and the Red Sox would receive Prior. That sounds like it belongs in the ho, ho, ho category, however.
There is some truth to the Garland for Bedard rumors, but I can't see a four-way deal that involved both Sox, the Cubs and included four All-Stars.

[Baltimore Sun]

The Orioles are interested in White Sox right-hander Jon Garland, who is a free agent after this season, and had some talks with Chicago last week in a deal that didn't include Tejada, according to industry sources. However, the White Sox wanted Bedard, instead of pitching prospects in the deal, and the Orioles balked.