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GM Meetings Checklist

The annual GM Meetings start later today in Dallas, Texas. Thanks to my unscrupulous contacts, I was able to obtain Kenny Williams actual To Do List for the event.

From the desk of Kenny Williams:
  1. Listen to all trade offers.
  2. Accept only trade offers that heavily favor the White Sox.
  3. Ask Brian Cashman when was the last time he won a World Series.
  4. Sit next to Brian Sabean while muttering something about having too much good pitching. Offer him El Duque. For something, anything, young.
  5. Put a cardboard cut out of Peter Gammons in the seat labeled "Boston GM."
  6. Ride the Titan at Six Flags over Texas.
  7. Pick up one of those huge "Don't mess with Texas" belt buckles.
  8. Give Mark Cuban a call. Isn't there a baseball team in serious need of an owner?
The Tribune also had a shopping list for the Sox off season, though I don't know if theirs is as realistic as mine. After all, do we really need a third lefty reliever? You'd have a hard time convincing me we need more than one.